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The Coronation Of Palpatine The Coronation Of Palpatine

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I'm working on a Star Wars flash series... I'd really like to see this done with better-sounding instruments. It would be up there with the greats, I beleive.

Maybe if you did the Emperor's theme like you did the Temple of Time...

Anyway, this is the first review I've given to some audio, because frankly, it rocks.

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Bezo responds:

This is one of the pieces I really want to redo, so it's definitely on the agenda. If you'd like it for your series, I can start working on it immediately. Maybe you can email me.

LOTR music LOTR music

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IS this even off the LOTR?!

Whirlguy responds:

you should be banned for this review.... this wasnt very usefull, yes it was lotr(if youre fan youre no good fan), and for some people music is a pasion like me. You can hurt people with reviews like this.